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Morea Style Fashion Show a *Zero*Moda*

Finalmente mi rilasso seduta tranquillamente a godermi una bella sfilata.
O almeno credevo fosse così perchè in un attimo mi ritrovo elettrizzata
 a seguire uno degli eventi moda più belli di questa estate calda.

Morea Style Fashion Show a  *Zero*Moda*

Bellissime le modelle , la presentatrice Son Gloom  
ed un APPLAUSE doveroso 
agli organizzatori dell'evento, Dolcestella Draconia e Guery Elcano.

Son Gloom event's host:
Born in 2007, Morea Style is celebrating it's 5th year Anniversary on sl.
 It is with a great Pleasure to introduce you to our latest collection : the Summer Collection 2012.
Morea is from France, a great Designer and always creates clothes she would only wear in real life, 
this is why with Morea Style you will only find fashion clothes that will give you an urge to them! 
We hope you will enjoy the show! Enjoy!

*Zero*Moda* Catwalk ( Passerella)

This beautiful swimsuit by "Morea Style" is ideal outfit for summertime. It's suitable both for a relaxing day at the seashore,and for an afternoon cocktail with friends.
BLACK SUN LILI is a gorgeous swimsuit black with white spots, completed by a refined white lace, and a pretty bow under the breast. None details have been overlooked by the stylist, who created, exclusively for this outfit, bracelet and hoop earrings blacks with small white spots. Available in further colorways "LILI SUN" is a must in your summer wardrobe.

You can also see the white version

 *JESSICA TURQUOIS* : predominant color turquoise for this beautiful outfit fully composed of a sleeveless light blouse with necklace made in silver and precious stones and short pants with a belt with bow at the waist side , really perfect for summer. Additionally, not worn by the model, long pants are also included in the outfit. A silver turquoise bracelet, precious earrings in silver with aquamarine-shaped flowers are also on sale to fully accessorize the outfit.

MARINA Rose Rouge it's a casual outfit. Denim Capri pants and belt pink and red to match the the hem of the pants. The large top leaves nude arms, the neck was made entirely with a beautiful ruffle. Fresh, youthful perky will be a must in your wardrobe. The pink hat completes the outfit perfectly.

*MARINA*  - You can admire the pink version 

KAREN EXOTIC FLOWER PEACH for an evening with friends ... maybe ... why not ... at an exotic beach ... wearing this gorgeous very short dress , wide floral print on a dark background recalling '60s. Bangles black and pink multi-circles complete this outfit beautifully fresh and young.
You can see another version.

MARJORIE COQUELICOT JAUNE is the explosion of summer ... 
warm colors of yellow and orange flowers, soft texture that lightly slides along the body. 
A plunging neckline is highlighted by a belt with bow under the breast .
 A bracelet to match the dress as well as pearl earrings pendants are included in the outfit.

 JENNIFER TURQUOISE tulle fresh turquoise and brown for this special gown, the skirt is extremely wide with a belt / bow, while the bodice's cut beautifully finished gives a sensual touch to the outfit. On the shoulder and under the breasts the dress is decorated by graceful bows. It 's a really wonderful outfit that should be desiderable for all elegant ladies.
You can admire the orange version. 

 PARIS CHERIE GOLD... this gorgeous dress is completely gold 
and it is remarkable for the beauty and accuracy of details.
Very short and unusual dress with feathers and a top surmounted by
 a large bow it outlights the perfect body of the model. 
The necklace in gold with a flower shaped detail completes the outfit. 
MURIELLE BLACK FUSHIA : black and purple are the main colors of the gown that you now see on the catwalk. The bodice has an amazing cleavage and is tied just above the waist by a large belt bow-shaped . The full skirt and pure silk long gloves makes this outfit perfect for special occasions. 
You can admire the black and gold version

GUENAELLE RED is the perfect evening dress matching sensuality 
of the side slits to the deep neckline 
by sophisticated and accurated details. 
Red fire (but available in further colors), 
with small white flowers and red bodice. 
The long skirt falls lightly along legs, under the breasts,
 emphasized by a band with glitter.
 Then the long scarlet gloves and a unique precious necklace
complete the outfit.
pink floral print ideal for the evening, 
is a classic but with details that make it unique. 
Long to reach the ground, embellished with ruffles on the bodice 
and swirling tulle it is the perfect outfit for a gala night. 
Hoop earrings matching the colors of the dress are included in this outfit.

** Nota Personale dell'autrice**
Appena ho visto quest'abito ho pensato che fosse stato creato per me.
Petali di fiori che vengono fatti volteggiare dal vento....
Te lo senti disegnato addosso e voli con la fantasia...
Second Life racchiude anche questi piccoli tesori che la creatività di 
alcuni, in questo caso Morea DeCosta, e la volontà di altri, *Zero*Moda*, 
fanno si che arrivino a noi. Si, lo compro! E' miooo :)
 DARCY PURPLE : this purple mini dress that is available in further fashionable colors,
 is a beautiful creation signed by Morea Style. 
Short and ultra sexy, leaving the back completely nude as the cleavage.
 Silk, transparency and brightness make it suitable
 for any occasions both informal, such as an evening disc, and formal. 

You can admire the Blue version.
 DEVILANGELA BLACK  feathers and transparencies for this sexy dress 
which has the breast covered by a black lace with straps in tulle 
that reveals the beautiful skin of the model. 
A precious brooch increases the sensuality of the bodice ,
 while hair are held by a clip with glittery feathers.
 Leather gloves are sold together and complete this outfit.

ARLINA WHITE the best day deserves a beautiful dress and this one by "Morea Style" is truly magnificent. It will make you feeling like a real princesses meeting your blue prince at the altar. The outfit is composed by a tight bodice and voluminous skirt with ruffles on the left shoulder, long gloves in white and light silk veil and a perfect bouquet of white flowers.

 INDESCENCE BRIDAL WHITE for all women who are not afraid to show
 their sensuality even on the YES day. 
This dress is unique and contemporary,
 with floral lace embroidery on the bodice
 and chiffon transparent skirt with a vertiginous slit. 
The outfit is completed by a white veil and gloves 
that cover the entire forearm up
 to the classical puffed sleeves ad white bouquet 
to throw to girl-friends as a good luck sign.

** I miei più sentiti ringraziamenti a DOLCESTELLA DRACONIA **

**Applausi infiniti alle Modelle**
Marzia Brandi
Sulfurea Feldragonne
Dolcestella Draconia
Kessy Laville
Lilith  Mumbhata

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