martedì 9 aprile 2013

FREEEEEEE!!! FREEEEE!!! FREEEE!!!! by DeJaVu Fashion

Hello girls :)
These are group gifts by DeJaVu Fashion
Carini e sensuali questi due regalini.
Vale la pena di archiviarli nell'armadio virtuale ....Kissesssss

Rock and roll, everybody let’s lose control
All the bottom we let it go
Going fast, we aint going slow, no
Hear the beat, now let’s hit the floor
Drink it up, and then drink some more
Light it up, and let’s let it blow
Hey yo, rock it out, rock it now
If you know what we talking ’bout
Turn it up, and burn down the house, hooouse
Hey yo, turn it up, and don’t turn it down
Here we go, we gon shake the ground
Cause everywhere that we go we BRING THE ACTION

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