martedì 30 aprile 2013

Quando l'abito mesh è gratis ....noi corriamo a prenderlo! LOL

Oggi mi sento scandalosa , l'abito è sexy ma non troppo
ma è sotto l'abito che bisogna guardare :) :)

E voi ragazze? Siete caldeeee???? LOL
Abito free... niente gruppi da pagare..FREE!!!

You here the Strings nigga
On this flip side of this thong shit
This is what bitches talk about
What niggaz need to do
With whats in the thong
Ya heard me, uh yo, check it out

This might sound so scandalous
But its the truth and men can't handle it
See most of the time a nigga's dick ain't shit
Need to go a step further and lick the clit (uhh)
Keep lickin till you hit my spot
Nigga fuck all the juice in the booze you pop
She gets no skin just comin from cock
Put your face all in my chocha
cuz I'm gon get a nut nut nut
Head like what, what, what,
Hands up in my butt, butt, butt
You need to lick it again
cuz I'm gon get a nut nut nuh
Head like what, what, what,
All night long
Work the tongue
Work the tongue (come on come on)

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